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This program was designed with the aim of helping needy children through supporting their education right from the elementary level. It includes Provision of scholastic materials like books, pens, uniform school fees to the needy children PHF’s program is unique because it is designed to empower parents, teachers, and caregivers in how they direct their daily actions of nurturing and caring to improve their children’s growth.

This is significant, especially when most child development programs only focus on listing child developmental milestones; such as at this age, a child can roll over or repeat sounds.” PHF has also consciously designed its program to be culturally adaptable. This means that the language and examples are all carefully chosen with the support of child development experts to be applicable and also infuses local knowledge of stories, games, songs and dance to adapt its program to any culture.

This empowers people to provide for their children, regardless of a lack in toys and other resources. 

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